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firms and over
750,000 professionals in the
industry including
advisors, owners, executives, agents and much more.

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Locate your target market quickly

Discovery Data lets you define and save your target market
so you have quick access to your list.
You can also share your
list, map out your next trip and check back for updates.


Search for individuals or
groups of people
and companies

Use demographic, business and
personal filters.


Conduct quick lookups by name,
company or ID.


Upload comma separated lists such as
zip codes or CRD numbers to prevent time-consuming manual entries.


See Our Data in Action

Locate Your Tarket Market Quickly
Locate Your Tarket Market Quickly
Search Results

View Your List

Click on the person or company name in your search results to see a detailed overview of the business they conduct.

Access In-Depth Profiles

There are hundreds of data fields available to target your audience further or to learn more about existing relationships, including licenses, carrier appointments and personal information.


View More Profiles

View In-Depth Firm and Professional Profiles

Track Your Touch Points

Keep track of meetings, discussions,
qualifications, reminders and more with Notes.


Visualize your
target market

View Search Results

Dynamically view your search results on a map to easily locate new opportunities.

See Firm and
Branch Details

When you hover over a pinpoint, details about the firm and branch display, including firm name, AUM in some cases, the number of reps and address.

Overlay Multiple Searches

Easily view which branches appear in more than one of your saved searches with Market Analytics.

Visualize Your Target Market Popup
Visualize Your Target Market
Visualize Your Target Market Popup
Build Your Territories
Build Your Territories

Build and realign territories

Use our interactive Territory Builder to
create and realign territories for your team.


Plan your next trip

Auto-generate an itinerary for
your next business trip.


Print directions.


Find nearby hotels.

Plan Your Next Trip

​Subscribers can also gain access to our data
warehouse solutions, data-driven market
insight, email
marketing campaigns and outbound call center lead generation:


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