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95% of the industry’s major institutions



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Years in Business


95% of the industry’s major institutions

Discovery Data helps companies grow their business in the financial services and insurance
industries through data and analytics delivered
through cloud-based applications, CRM integrations
and data-driven marketing and market insights. Our robust profiles on 40,000 BD and RIA firms,
730,000 active registered reps and over 2 million insurance agents allow asset managers, wealth
managers, insurance companies and financial
technology providers to recruit qualified candidates,
expand distribution and deliver precision targeted sales and marketing outreach.


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The world's largest, most successful and fastest growing asset managers, wealth
managers, clearing firms, insurance
companies and service providers recognize our data and services as the preeminent solution and rely on it to understand
the industry, and to identify, reach and do business with firms and professionals throughout North America.

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Discovery Data collects data from federal and state regulators, industry associations, the public domain and a series of vendor partners.



Data is processed and managed daily to ensure only accurate and relevant information.



On a weekly basis millions of data fields are added, updated or verified and made available through data subscriptions and specialized services, including a web application, data hygiene projects, CRM add-on applications and market insight.


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